Well Hello There!

A hearty Karoo welcome to you after what has been quite a roller coaster year for us all! A year which has forced many of us to re-evaluate our lives, priorities and perhaps even our careers. Such has been the case for us, and it’s out of this that True Karoo came into being.

We are a small, family run farming operation in the Sarah Baartman district in the Eastern Cape that is stepping out into the unfamiliar world (for us at least) of online trading. Instead of selling to various traders and middle men, we would like to sell our fresh farm meat directly to you, the consumer. Not only does this allow better prices for us as farmers, and you as the consumer, but it also allows us to share a bit of the true Karoo feeling with you.

Whether you’re creating a delicious, tender leg of lamb roast for a family lunch or getting ready to host guests for a braai during the festive season, your meal starts with an excellent grade South African meat, which you will always find at True Karoo.

We offer a vast range of red meats. From lamb, to beef, kudu, impala and even warthog- all sourced from our farm, (or our neighbouring farms) in the Karoo area. The meat is vacuum packed in food-grade primary packaging, which removes all oxygen, ensuring that your order gets to you as fresh as possible.

At this point in time we will be delivering to PE and Cape Town only, but if you are based elsewhere in South Africa and would still like to order from us (because lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to?) then you’re welcome to arrange your own cooler courier to collect from one of our depots in those two cities. (For a list of the depots addresses and their contact details click here).

Boesmanland en sy uitagings!