2020 Olive Harvest
What a great Harvest for Mardouw Olive Estate

250 Tons of pure Freshness

At Mardouw, we carefully sort the mission, Kalamata, Nocellara, FS17 and Frantoio Cultivars used in our premium olive oil blends. our Cortina Olives are reserved for our flagship "XXV Intese" Range.

For almost 3 months a typical workday at Mardouw would start at 07h30am running late into the night. Some days the team worked throughout the night pressing the freshest olives into pure gold olive oil.

At the peak of the harvest we hand-picked 10-12 Crates of olives per day with our press at times running for 24 hours.

Our Consultant-taster is of the opinion that our 2020-EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has true character and with powerful and slightly spicy taste, he also predicts a high level of Polyphenols.

With the harvest complete we have requested an official labratory testing and will soon be bottling our 2020 range of oils and products. We look forward to the 2020 SA Olive Awards hosted by SA Olive.(the association representing South African  Olive Porducers in August.

May 2020 be another great golden year for Mardouw!

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