Forward Thinking
The only way is forward!

It all began with an idea. An idea of a thriving farm along the banks of the picturesque Gouritz River in the Western Cape, a farm that strives to produce the highest quality of agricultural products and services at all times. Today, this high standard shows in each of our animals and every patch of our 1300ha crop fields.

We use a crop rotation system that produces high grade wheat, oats, barley and canola. The biggest reward for our labour is observing the new life that each season brings, in the form of flora and fauna. Our pride and joy, furthermore, lies in our free range sheep population and Dohne Merino stud, all compliant with the international Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). Our livestock boasts with top quality genetics and our health management system is of the highest standard. We make sure that the condition of our animals receive our full attention and care in order to ensure prosperity as well as our livestock’s health and standard.

To the Lamont family, this 10km stretch of home next to the river is the epitome of agricultural excellence, against the backdrop of the beautiful Garden Route region. We believe that in the farming industry, the only way to go is forward. That is why we, like our crops and our livestock, continue to grow. We grow when we face the challenges of the everyday, we grow in our love for and knowledge of agriculture, and we learn and develop with each new endeavour.

Healthy sheep in the Karoo.
Farming in the Karoo through the lens of AM Swart Boerdery