Healthy sheep in the Karoo.
Farming in the Karoo through the lens of AM Swart Boerdery

"We farm with Dorpers and Skilder Persies in the heart of the Karoo. All sheep and game farming is done extensively, with very big camps for livestock to roam free, some camps exceeding 1000ha. This makes for healthy sheep that never gets any diseases. Once a year the ewes get a mandatory pulp kidney injection and that is it. The type of Karoo shrub on the farm makes it possible to fatten lambs on the field and only in very dry years do they need extra feed to get market ready.. 

So the meat you buy is as natural as can be. If you are looking for 100% natural Karoo Lamb, then look no further.."

Overberg Winters
Farm with anything as long as its efficient.