Never compromise on quality!

The CHALONER philosophy is never to compromise on quality. Singular in flavour the family have been hard at work establishing the CHALONER brand consisting of their signature range of award winning Olive Oils and hand-crafted olive products, marmalades, preserves and sauces.  CHALONER products are the perfect accompaniment to any spread or meal, and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.


Ninety percent of South Africa’s olives are grown in the Western Cape – its typically Mediterranean climate being perfect for this type of crop – and Stellenbosch is better suited to olives than many other crops. Olives are heat tolerant and are eco-friendly in that they require far less water to survive than deciduous fruit.

Using fresh produce CHALONER products are made primarily from organically fertilised orchards, are free of preservatives and colourants, and products should be refrigerated after opening. There is no ingredient ‘substitution’ and all ingredients are sourced, as far as possible, locally – and always from sources renown for quality.


The fruit is meticulously grown in organically fertilized orchards and harvested at optimum maturity to ensure the highest natural sugar content.

Cradle Farms where it all began.